Helping Hand


Helping Hand in action: 2006 2007

Education that canít be useful to earn a decent living is a waste of precious time and energy. General education imparted in public schools in India lacks the ability to make the children earn decent living after graduation, which is costly especially for children and parents from socially and economically backward background. Whatever they invested to obtain such education go waste.


So, we encourage students to obtain education that guarantees a job after completion. Though courses like Engineering, Medicine is expensive and not within the reach of the children of this background; courses like Nursing, Midwifery are less expensive and job oriented. Tragically, these inexpensive courses are also not affordable to them, most of the parents being daily-wage workers.


We helped a few of such children to do courses like Nursing with donations from our donors who can spare Rs.10,000 Ė Rs.20,000 ($250-$500) per year.


Our strategy:

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