Healing Hand (Help to victims of caste atrocities)

Healing Hand in action:

2006: Bant Singh, Punjab          Little Girl, UP

2007: Chithralekha, Kerala

When an unspeakable act of crime is committed on Dalit comes to the notice of FFEI, we collect donations and handover the collected amount to the victims. If you want to contribute to this fund, please write to me at Benjamin_kaila@yahoo.com for details.


Please read this startling facts:

This is only tip of an iceberg as a majority of cases never reported due to the unsympathetic attitude of the police, politicians, bureaucrats, and even the media.

Is it a pigment of imagination of an insane mind? Is it conversion propaganda of some Christian missionaries?

No, it is a report submitted by the Govt. of India in its 2000 National Crime Records Bureau, as reported in National Geographic News.


Why and how do Dalits, numbering 160 million, endure such a barbaric treatment in their homeland? Why non Dalits subject their own countrymen to such a cruel treatment with no feeling of guilt or remorse? One may agree or not, the answer lies in the barbaric caste system with an authority derived from the Hindu scriptures such as Vedas.


Caste system that started some 3000 years ago in India is the mother of all oppressive systems of the world. It is incomparable with American Slavery, South African Apartheid, or German Jewish holocaust in intensity, insensitivity, endurance, and longevity. It is a system devised to favor a few at the cost of many. As Dr Ambedkar said, it is a division of laborers rather than division of labor as advocated by many defenders of caste system including Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.


The intensity of hate is so intense that even women, children, old, invalid, feeble are not spared while committing these crimes, sometimes eliminating the whole families, and villages in mass attacks. The faults of the Dalits for these punishments are trying to save his/her land, or family; trying to get justice, education, or dignity; or trying to ascertain their basic human rights. Cases such as Karmachedu, Tsudur, Khairanji, Bant Singh are a few glaring examples. At times, entire Dalit settlements are torched and entire Dalit population of the settlement is punished to teach lessons to all. Villages are the hotbeds for this type of atrocities though cities are no exception. There have been many Emmet Tills, James Byrds everyday in India.


Please read a few collection of atrocities (reported in the media) on Dalits here


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