Introduction to Friends for Education International (FFEI)

The forerunner to “Friends for Education International” was “Ambedkar Scholarships” that started in 2003 with just 2 scholarships of Rs. 5,000 each. As Ambedkar Scholarships grows, many other projects were added to it year after year. There was a need for an umbrella organization to accommodate all those projects under a single entity. So, FFEI was registered in California in March 2008 and obtained US Federal tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) in April 2009.Currently, FFEI has the following divisions, some of them are yet to start operations, for want of funds.

1.       Ambedkar Scholarships to Dalit children (in operation since 2003)

2.       Ambedkar Scholarships to children from scavenging families (in operation since 2006)

3.       Ambedkar Microloans (in operation since 2006)

4.       Ambedkar Awards (in operation since 2004)

5.       Ambedkar Libraries (yet to start)

6.       Educational Adoption (in operation since 2008)

7.       Helping Hands (in operation since 2006)

8.       Healing Hands (in operation since 2006)

9.       Vocational Training (yet to start)

10.   Dalit History Project (yet to start)


The architect of modern Indian constitution, Babasaheb Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s philosophy of “Liberty, Equality, and fraternityl” is the inspiration for FFEI. FFEI also believes that nothing can limit any human’s capacity to excel if right environment is provided as it was proved by Dr Ambedkar who was born an untouchable, faced innumerable humiliations all his life for being an untouchable, and grew to become one of the tallest intellectuals of modern India with just hard work and determination. Further, FFEI believes that in a race to become to world power, India can no more ignore the vast population that had animal existence for centuries due discrimination and persecution for no fault of theirs. It is the moral responsibility of every right thinking person to help them by all means possible.


So, FFEI is catering largely to the needs of the most deprived sections of Indian population, the Dalits or the Untouchables. Though its operations are largely in Andhra Pradesh, its presence is slowly spreading to other states. Currently, FFEI is in operation in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh.


Currently FFEI depends mostly on individual donors who approach it by reading an article or by hearing form a friend. FFEI gives full freedom to its donors to choose a project of their choice and FFEI strictly goes by their directives.


For transparency, FFEI publishes donations, expenses, list of donors and beneficiaries etc on our website .


FFEI is actively seeking help (big or small) from individuals and organizations. All our donations are exempted from US income tax.


If anyone is interested to help us in any of the projects, he/she is requested to contact or send an email to any one of our office bearers in India or in US.  


FFEI is yet to get registered in India.