FFEI Executive body - India chapter

<>Mr Benjamin Paul Kaila, President, US
Benjamin Paul Kaila (also known as Paul, Paulbabu, or Ben among his friends and relatives), born on October 16, 1962, is a son of Dalit (or untouchable) elementary school teachers from a small village in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Since childhood he had to face all forms of discrimination and humiliations exclusively reserved for Dalits for centuries.

Being a Christian, he was not eligible to avail constitutionally sanctioned but awfully implemented Affirmative Action (called Reservations) available to Dalits in India. He had Bachelors in Science, Bachelors in Education, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. He worked 12 years in IT industry in India before moving to United States in 1999.

At 26, his life transformed from an aimless wayward individual to a purpose driven thinker when he first read the life and works of Dr B R Ambedkar (reverentially called by his followers as Babasaheb, or father), the chief architect of modern Indian constitution, reviver of Buddhism from its deathbed from India, and one of the greatest defenders of human rights that the world had ever produced but sadly do not know about. With his modern outlook and philosophy of equality, liberty, fraternity, and justice for all, Dr Ambedkar has been Ben’s guide, philosopher, and transformational force. This great man’s inspirational life is the force behind whatever Ben speaks, thinks, and does. Ben doesn’t worship Dr Ambedkar as an individual (as many of his followers do in India contrary to Dr Ambedkar’s teachings against hero worship); he tries his best to follow his philosophy sincerely.

His hobbies are reading history, sociology, biographies, and autobiographies of statespersons who made a difference in the world through their purposeful lives, watching documentaries, and travelling. His interest in knowing the oppressive nature of human kind (that was responsible for Indian Caste System) lead him to read widely on American Slavery and Civil Rights movement, South African Apartheid, Jewish Holocaust, and other similar systems in the world. He is a constant seeker of knowledge wherever it is available.

He founded “Ambedkar Scholarships” in 2003, the precursor to “Friends for Education International” or FFEI. Friends for Education International is almost his second full time job.

He currently works as a Database Administrator and lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles with his wife Sunanda and two sons Paul and Andrew. He can be reached at  818.248.5889  818.248.5889 or
benjamin_kaila@yahoo.com . More can be read about him at To Learn With Dignity , Change Makers Inc , or Il touché juste   <>

Prof Shiva Shankar, Vice-President, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, India
Prof Shiva Shankar is an accomplished mathematician currently working in Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, India.  He possessed B Tech in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D from State University of New York, US. He is a Buddhist in belief and follower of Dr Ambedkar in social philosophy.

He joined Ambedkar Scholarships (the precursor to FFEI) in 2004 and ever since a strong supporter of FFEI. He is mainly responsible for starting scholarships for Children from Scavenging families. He also introduced several intellectuals in academic field to FFEI.

He currently lives in Chennai, India.  <>

Mr P V V Rao, Secretary, Hyderabad, India
Mr PVV Rao is currently working in IT industry in Hyderabad. He came on board in 2004 and ever since helping FFEI in several ways. He has a Masters in Computer Science.

As a Secretary, he is responsible for day to day business of FFEI in India.

He lives in Hyderabad with his family.


<>Mr Lukanand Paul Kaila, Treasurer, Hyderabad, India
Mr Anand works in a private company in Hyderabad and one of the brothers of Benjamin Kaila. He was with FFEI since its inception.

Currently as a treasurer, he is responsible for financial matters of FFEI.

He currently lives in Hyderabad with his family.  <>

Mr Vardhan, Executive Member, Hyderabad, India
Mr Vardhan is a businessman in Hyderabad.


<>Mr Narayana Aedla (Rtd DIG), Executive Member, Hyderabad, India
Mr Narayana is a retired District Inspector General in Hyderabad. He came on board in 2009.


<>Mr Samuel Babu Kakileti, Executive Member, Hyderabad, India
Mr Samuel is a businessman in Hyderabad and came on board in 2009.