Ambedkar Awards

As an ancient society, India has thousands of years of history behind it. From its womb emerged many intellectuals, theorists, social reformers etc. Though 85% of its population is tagged as lower castes in the hierarchical caste system, many a great men were descended from these communities. When I was growing up, I never heard about the great social reformers like Dr Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule etc leave alone religious gurus like Sant Ravidas who came from the so-called lower castes. No school curriculum included chapters on these great intellectual giants.


Currently, numerous dedicated people are silently working for the benefit of the underclass without any recognition. They are all unsung heroes. They include authors, poets, educationalists, selfless bureaucrats, social activists, students, and politicians who go in their own way to help this hapless human mass. They write books, establish schools, sacrifice their careers and sometimes their lives to speak the truth and to make a small change in the lives of the marginalized societies.


FFEI feels that recognizing such people would encourage many to come forward and do their bit to the society. So, when we hear about a good work we solicit donations and donated amount will be handed over to the to encourage individual or organization. Our award money depends on the amount we can raise.


We have so far honored the following people with our award.


Award name



Ambedkar Young Activist Awrd

Mr Manav Virdi, Punjab


Ambedkar Literary Award

Kalaprapurna Dr Endluri Chinnaiah, Hyderabad


Ambedkar Achievement Award

Ms Sheetal, Maharashtra, Intl Karate awardee


Ambedkar Achivement Award

Khabhar Lahariya, Grossroot level journalists, UP


Ambedkar Literary Award

Ms Baby Kamble, Maharashtra for her book “The Prisons We Broke”  --yet to deliver


Ambedkar Social Activist Award

Mr Gaddar, Hyderabad – declared and soliciting donations