Ambedkar Award guidelines

I am outlining my thoughts for Ambedkar Awards. Mine are just guidelines and can be changed or amended for a better suggestion. 

1.     Currently, the award amount will be Rs.25,000. It can be increased if more donations are realized in any particular year.

2.     A 5 member committee will decide the awardee with a majority vote.

3.     5 member committee will be selected as follows:

a.      At least 2 members should be females.

b.     Nominations will be called for to nominate a person as a committee member.

c.      Nominations can be done by the person who wants to be in the committee or by somebody who wants him/her to be in the committee.

d.     Nominated members will be elected to committee via internet votes. Who has a vote will have to be decided.

e.      The committee will select an awardee for a particular year with unanimous or majority vote.

4.     The following is the procedure to select an awardee:

a.      An awardee can be anyone who had done or have been doing work among the marginalized communities based on the philosophical foundations of Dr B R Ambedkar.

b.     Nominations will be done only by others, not by the person who wants to be nominated.

c.      Anyone can nominate a person for the award via an email by a stipulated date and time that will be decided in a few days.

d.     Nominations will be submitted in a prescribed format with details such as name, gender, date of birth, address, area of work, achievements with a paragraph outlining why he or she deserves the award. A suitable format will be designed at a later date.

e.      The 5 member committee will decide an awardee among the candidates nominated.

f.       Award will be presented in the Ambedkar Scholarships function.