Proposed projects in 2012

It is the FFEIís wish to implement every project below as every project is important. These projects are designed by observing the needs of the people and from the feedback it gets on regular basis from the ground level. Some of them never taken off the ground due to lack of funding and some are on and off depending on the funds available for a particular year. FFEI gives choice to the donors to select a project that interested him/her and allocates the donated amount only to that particular project.


FFEI gets several requests on regular basis from people genuinely working in the field helping those that are not in the radar of the majority of NGOs working in India. Though desired to help every proposal, FFEI has no means to do so. We were unable to attract any corporate donors yet and solely depend on individuals through word of mouth.


FFEI doesnít have any paid staff and its overhead expenses are just 2% of the donations received in any particular year. FFEI strives to disburse every penny donated to the beneficiaries by obtaining free or moderately inexpensive service wherever possible and curtailing its expenses to bare minimum. Still, FFEI survived for 10 years due to its committed donors and hope it will do so in future. FFEI believes in the quality, not quantity. Testimonials it receives from beneficiaries from time to time are proof that it is doing relatively good job. That doesnít mean that we donít have any limitations. Certainly, there are. But, it is open to any viable solution from any individual to improve its operations.

         Ambedkar Scholarships

These scholarships are designed to encourage Dalit students who passed 10th grade with highest percentage of marks in Andhra Pradesh. This is permitted only to AP as we have necessary infrastructure only there. Only students from rural government schools and social welfare schools whose parents are economically and educationally backward are eligible. We donít consider children of employees, children who studies in private schools or relatives of the people who are actively involved in FFEI operations. Students are selected via advertisement in every government and social welfare schools in AP. Each scholarships consists of Rs.5,000, a biography of Dr Ambedkar, and any other gifts donated by the donors.

         Ambedkar Awards

Designed to recognize people who dedicated their lives for the welfare of the marginalize people of India and propagation of the philosophy of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar. Nominations will be called for and selected among them. A couple of awards were given in the past, bust discontinued due to lack of funds. FFEI strongly desires to give atleast one award every year. FFEI wishes to have the amount for an award to be not less than Rs.25,000.

         Ambedkar Microloans

FFEI helped hundreds of people through microloans. Through this project FFEI helped people irrespective of caste in various ways Ė to start a teas stall, to start a small grocery store, to buy a buffalo, to buy a sewing machine etc. FFEI was very successful in this area for years with 100% success rate of repayments. But unfortunately, it is not going on actively since the person working on this project committed suicide a year ago messing up everything. FFEI is still in the process of consolidating the amount loaned under that person and may resume once everything is settled down.

         Ambedkar Young Awards

Designed to recognize and encourage young people to make mark in the society through their dedication in fighting the evils of Indian society with the help of the philosophical foundations of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar. Nominations will be called for and selected among them. We awarded a couple of such awards in the past. A minimum of Rs.15,000 is a must for this award.

         Ambedkar Libraries

In India, so far libraries are situated in non Dalit localities and Dalit children sometimes are not welcome there in villages. But, FFEI desires to start libraries in every Dalit village in India so that these temples of learning can attract non Daslits into Dalit localities. This can be achieved only if those libraries are well equipped with modern technology such as computers, audio and video visual aids. Though this is a tall desire that needs tons of money, FFEI wants to have atleast small libraries in Dalit localities. FFEI started or helped other organizations like BE EDUCATED to start a couple of small libraries. Lot more needs to be done in this direction.

         Healing Hands (Help to Caste Atrocity Victims)

Those who have social consciousness need not be told the unspeakable atrocities committed on Dalit on regular basis. For many in India, it is a routine and donít even bother to notice. Consciousness of Indian intelligentsia, politicians, police, media, and the judiciary doesnít disturb much about these hapless victims. In the past, FFEI, helped a few of such victims in a small way. Examples are Mr Bant Singh of Punjab who was maimed for fighting against the rape of his daughter, a six year old Dalit girl raped in UP, a Gujarathi girl raped by her teachers, an female auto-rikshaw driver harassed and punished in Kerala etc. FFEI wants help many more such victims when such incidents come to their notice through media reports. But, lack of funding forced FFEI to ignore such incidents.

         Helping Hands (Help to Individuals)

Helping Hands designed to help individuals who are economically backward to get education, to stand on their legs, to have a fresh start in life etc. Through this project we helped few girls to complete nursing, engineering, and higher education. FFEI also helped widows and deserted women with sewing machines to start a fresh life. It also donated computers for students who use them collectively and improved skills. Help also rendered in several other means. FFEI regularly gets requests for such help, but its hands are tied for lack of funds.

         Dalit History

History for any race or section of people is very important. Though Dalits lived on this earth for thousands of years, they have very limited written history. FFEIís strong desire is to start recording their history atleast from now. As most of the Dalits in rural areas are uneducated, FFEI desires to record oral history of them. In addition FFEI intends to encourage Dalits to write their biographies. FFEI also intends to record the almost died cultural aspects of Dalits such a plays, martial arts etc. Though FFEI knows clear idea how to do this, this project never started due to lack of funds.