Organizations we supported in 2011

The following are the organizations we supported in 2011. All these organizations are selected at the recommendation of people we already working with or well known to us based on the work they had been doing among the underprivileged people in India.

We welcome people visiting India to visit these organizations to see how they are doing. We will provide information about the organization and the people running them. Please write to me at if you need information on any of these organizations.


Andhra Pradesh:

         St Marks Luthern College, Chirala, Prakasam Dist, AP

This college is run by individuals with a desire to help the society and caters mostly to Dalit students from very poor background. Most of the students work during day, study in spare time, and are unable to buy even the text books. We donated money to buy books that require for their study. The college loan the books to students.

         Social Welfare School, Pedavegi, West Godavari Dist, AP

This school caters to the Dalit students from rural areas and economically weak. The school has a track record of producing large number of students for higher education. There were six Ambedkar scholars from this school in 2012. We donated Rs.10,000 for books and audio and video media.

         Social Welfare School, Amaravathi, Guntur Dist, AP

This is another social welfare school catering to Dalit students in AP.

         Orphanage, Chilalakaluripet, Guntur Dist, AP

This Orphanage is run by an organization that gathers children from streets, railway stations, and give them shelter and education. The organization is run by the donations from the society in the form of cash or kind. We helped them to buy supplies uniforms, books, grocery with our Rs.10,000 donation.

         Help Desk, Hyderabad

Help desk started a year ago to help Dalits and other marginalized people to come with their grievances. We helped it at the request of the donors who wants to help in its operations.


         Jane Mission Trust, Bangalore

Jane Mission Trust helps scavenging children by sending them to school. We have been helping in a small way for a few years.


         Pardhi Hostel, Rashin, Ahmedabad Dist

This organization helps children of a tribe that was branded as criminal for ages. It gathers children and help them to bring them to main stream through education. We started helping them since 2011.


         DMC Home, Bhubaneswar

DMC home helps Dalit and backward class students by imparting education. We have been helping them for a while.


         Sakya Hostel, Chennai

Sakya hotel was started to accommodate children orphaned by 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It provides students of both genders accommodation, food, an education. We have been helping it for a while.

         Janodayam Social Education Center

Janodayam helps students of scavenging community in their education. We have been helping them for a while.


We started helping READ since 2011. It caters to the needs of scavenging students.

         Scavenger Dignity Forum

We started helping it since 2011.

         Premayaya Social Development Society

Premalaya helps people from Dalit background to improve their lives via education and other social welfare schemes. We started helping it for 2 years and we started a tailoring school through Premalaya.

Uttar Pradesh

         Social Development Forum

SDF helps scavenging students in education. We have been helping it for a while.