Helping Hands 2011 (Aid to Nursing students)
During my visit to India in May-Aug of 2010, I met several bright but economically backward girls. Some discontinued education for want of money and some others due to other reasons. Some work in the field and some do odd jobs to feed themselves and their families.
On learning that we helped some of the girls in the past to do Nursing, they approached me for help. Due to unprecedented economic boom India is generating lots of jobs in medical field. So, we are also encouraging such girls to do the course. We have helped and have been helping a few girls to the course, thanks to our donors such as Ms Mina Kumar, Ms Meeta Bhaduri, Prof Uma Iyer, to name a few.
 All they need is apprx Rs. 15,000 (USD 300) to finish nursing course. Though it is a small amount for us with good jobs, it is a life changing amount for not only these girls, but for entire families.
So, if anyone is interested to help these girls, please let us know. As usual, we will provide you the details every recipient.