Note: The total amount presented to the girl is as follows:
Fee for English Learning Course: Rs.     4,800
DD Presented in Apr 22, 2010   : Rs.  1,35,200
Check sent later               : Rs.     5,000
Total                          : Rs.  1,45,000

Demand Draft presentation report on April 22, 2010 at SBI Branch, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Report prepared by
Dr Raghu Rangarajan and Volunteer (don’t want to be named)

Demand Draft of Rs.1,35,200/- was handed over to the brave girl on behalf of the donors via the FFEI at the State Bank of India (SBI), Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, on 22/4/2010, Time-5.00pm to 6.00pm
After the hard work of many people, we were able to reach the stage where we could give the girl a small financial gift to build her future. We would like to give the precise background of this case. Since her childhood the girl has been brilliant in her studies. As she told me in a few professional counseling sessions, her dream was to become a doctor but due to her poor financial situation and suffering from her ascribed status, she and her family realized that it was not possible for her to join medicine.  Therefore she decided to pursue a career in teaching. She joined the Primary Teacher Course (PTC) as a meritorious student. This course is run by the District Institute of Education and Training, under the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat
During the PTC course, she was repeatedly raped by six of her course teachers. She came forward to complain against the culprits and got them punished. Now all six teachers are sentenced to life imprisonment. Her family suffered a lot physically, mentally, socially, and financially. The girl’s suffering was different than that of the family, as she is unmarried and continued her studies in the same institute where she was vicitmised. Her village friends, institute mates and her cousins were also maintaining a distance from her. Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) working in the field of human rights, women rights and for the rights of untouchables had started calling her and visiting her house with the objective to use her in order to mobilize local, national and international funds in her name. Amongst them a few were successful as per her information but then the financial support never reached her. After our intervention in this case visits of most of the NGOs and other Dalits and Women rights activists have mostly stopped.  As I discovered, the only one person who stood beside her and has been still standing with her is her father. I strongly believe that without his support this girl could have taken a wrong step and she would have ended her life in the very initial stage of this case.
Br. Benjamin Kaila came to know about this case through an online newspaper in the middle of November, 2009 and he sent a group email requesting if anyone could come forward to find the facts in this case. As I live in Gujarat, I replied to him after a few weeks with the baseline and field visit on Saturday, 5/12/2009 and I also prepared the fact finding report and submitted it to Br. Benjamin Kaila. From here, Brother Kaila worked hard to bring this case to this level.
As Br. Benjamin had given us a free hand to organize the DD handing over event, we scheduled the function for 22/04/2010 at 4.30pm. After much deliberation, we decided not to allow any person/people/organization to misuse this event for his/her personal, political or organizational gain. We decided to invite people who have given their life, time, skills and support for the development of the underprivileged sections of society. After few meetings between us, we came to a consensus to call the following dignitaries;
1. Shri Anil Kumar Gupta (Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India)
2. Fr. Paul (St. Xavier's Social Service Society)
3. Smt. Parikshitaben Gurjar (DSP, Gujarat Police)
4. Shri.Rameshchandra Parmar (A Dalit Panther and activist)
5. Shri Ashokbhai Chaudhary (A Tribal Activist and Gandhian)
6. Shri Kantilal Siddheswari, visually handicapped person(Activist for Disability rights)
7. The Girl
8. Shri Victim’s father
9. Smt.Victim’s mother

Among them Smt. Parikshitaben Gurjar and Shri Ashokbhai Chaudhary were unable to attend this occasion.
The event started 30 minutes late, the function began with volunteer welcoming all the guests and saying a few words about our efforts.  He then invited Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta to hand over the DD of Rs. 1, 35,200/- to the girl and asked him to say a few words.
Mr. Gupta said her courage was a lesson to all that they should have the courage to speak up when victimized/offended and to fight for justice. He also added that one should not suppress his/her voice against any form of violence; they should come forward to seek help from the judiciary to punish the culprit. He believed that this girl would be a role model for others. He also talked about how the State Bank of India (SBI) helps economically poor students. Every year, the SBI branch adopts one girl student to support her education as long as she continues with her education. He also said, he will discuss this case with the SBI administration for future help. Subsequent to the function, in the manager’s office he also contributed Rs.10,000/- on behalf of the State Bank of India. He also guided the girl on why she should not think about buying a scooter and also gave his financial rationale behind it.
When volunteer and his wife went to invite Mr.Anil Kumar Gupta for this event, though he was busy he promised to attend the event and also requested us to allow SBI to take care of all expenses of the event. He personally called the Branch Manager and instructed him to organize the event. I also come to know through volunteer’s wife that on 22/04/2010 he was taking updates/following up on the progress of the arrangements since morning via phone. Mr.Gupta’s commitment did not end here; he arrived at the SBI branch at 4pm, half an hour before the scheduled time of the program. He also instructed his official car driver to drop Shri Rameshchandra Parmar and Shri Kantilal Siddheswari at their respective homes in his car after the completion of the function.
Father Paul:
Fr. Paul said that he had met this girl a long time back and also offered her a job. He also appreciated the role of FFEI and those who are a part of this work. According to him we were able to develop a link between this work and the bank.
Dr. Raghu Rangarajan:
Dr. Rangarajan introduced FFEI and its work in the field. He talked about how FFEI helps poor students and said that this is one of its works which has come to its destination. He said that FFEI drew its inspiration from Dr. Ambedkar and believed in his message that education was essential in the upliftment of the disadvantaged sections of society.  He said that FFEI recognized that the girl had performed very well in the PTC course and wanted her to complete her Bachelor’s degree and realize her dream of becoming an officer.
Dr. Rameshchandra Parmar (Dalit Panther and writer):
He initiated his speech by talking about Sayajirao Gaekwad.  According to him, Dr. Ambedkar became a big person because of the scholarship given by Gaekwad. Otherwise it would not have been possible for him to become what he was. He said that Dr. Ambedkar initially was not a bright student, rather he was naughty but later on he realized the importance of education. When Dr.Ambedkar was young, he lived near a fish market which was a very noisy public market. His father used to make him sleep early until the market closed, and from the middle of the night till morning. Dr. Ambedkar used to do his academic study work. That was how he studied in his early life but the scholarship subsequently played a major role in his life. Similarly, this girl should also understand that this is an opportunity for her. He also appreciated volunteer and FFEI’s work to help this girl.
Then the volunteer read out the letter from Benjamin Kaila and translated it into Gujarati. The girl’s father was asked if he would like to say anything but he declined.  The girl was requested to speak and she agreed.  She spoke with honesty and dignity about the difficult times she had faced and the support she has received.  One of the SBI officials present told her she was an example to others and a source of inspiration to all.
Then the volunteer thanked all for being present and the function concluded with snacks  and ice-cream provided by the bank.  The function went off very smoothly thanks to the arrangements made by the bank.
A little later some of those present went to the bank manager's office to initiate the formalities of depositing the DD and creating the FD.  At that time Mr. Gupta announced an additional contribution from SBI of Rs. 10,000/. The FD to be created will now be for Rs. 1, 10,000 for 5 years with interest paid quarterly (approximately Rs. 1800 per quarter).  (The FD was ready by Saturday.)  The remaining Rs. 35,200 will be in her savings bank account.  She was also told about the additional Rs. 5000 that is expected.  The girl expressed an interest in using the money to buy a scooter to help her get to the school where she has now got a job as a teacher's assistant at a salary of Rs. 2500 a month.  She was advised to wait until she was comfortable at her job (she has been teaching since last Tuesday) and possibly till the beginning of the new academic year.

After this, the girl and her family, Raghu and volunteer went to the volunteer’s home. The girl's father was very grateful and thanked FFEI for its contribution. He has invited Raghu and volunteer to his home.  A scanned copy of the FD will be sent to Br. Benjamin and Mr. Rao for FFEI records.
Report prepared by
Raghu Rangarajan &
(‘I’ refers to volunteer)
On April 26, 2010 the FD was handed over to the girl at the SBI Bapunagar Branch at approximately 1:15 pm in the presence of Raghu and the volunteer.  She had come along with her father to the volunteer’s home and the four of us drove to SBI.  Later the girl and her father were dropped off at the nearby State Transport bus stop so that they could take the bus back.