Time :10.30 AM

Chief guest :Mrs Vasundhara, Principal, Govt. Womenís College, Guntur.

Guest of Honor :Mr Katti Dhana Raju, Manager, NABARD, Hyderabad

Coordinator :A Devadas, Hyderabad.


Girl Recipient :Ms Sara Suhasini Doppalapudi

Boy Recipient :Mr Kaseenath Budala


The maiden function was started at 11 A.M just 30 minutes behind schedule.


Mr. A Devadas welcomed the guests and audience. He gave the introduction and the idea behind the institution of these scholarships exclusively for Dalit Students.


Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Vasundhara, the Chief Guest and the Principal of the Govt. Womenís college said that the scholarships that were instituted by Mr Kaila B. Paul shows how much love, affection and gratitude Mr Kaila is having towards his parents and community. She further said that apart from awarding cash prize of Rs. 5000 to each candidate, Mr Kaila has also given the book on the life of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to boost each and every candidate to encourage them for more achievements in life. She also said that these meritorious prizes will be remembered thought out the life of the recipients.


Delivering his address, Mr Katti Dhana Raju, Guest of Honor, described how Mr Paul has become a friend of him while working in Mumbai from 1995 to 2000. He explained how Mr Paul has given his full cooperation in the establishment of All India Telugu Bahujan Maha Sabha(AITBMS) which is working among the slum dwellers of Mumbai. He further explained how All India Telugu Bahujan Welfare Society (AITBWS) was established with the cooperation of Telugu Dalit employees working in Mumbai and various activities undertaken by the society. He stressed that Hindu and Christian dalits should forget their differences and work together for common good as the roots of both are the same. He also explained how the social transformation movement started by the Honíble Mr Kanshi Ram has spread all over India to establish the Bahujan Raj. He concluded his speech with an inspiring Telugu song.


Mr Lazarus Billa (Manduru), Mr Moses Raj Yatam (Bapatla), Mr Sampoorna Rao Meriga, Lecturer, Vizayawada, Mr.Varun Kumar, Teacher and the parents of the recipients spoke on the occasion.


Both the recipients were given a cheque for Rs: 5,000; a certificate of Achivement; a letter of encouragement and a Telugu translation of Dr Ambedkar: Life and Mission by Dhanajay Keer. This book was also given to other applicants who participated in the function and to some of the guests.


The function was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Pilli Shyam Prasad.


The students, their parents and few selected guests were treated with a grand lunch in a hotel. Mr Benjaminís phone call from US energized the already over-charged recipients with further determination to study. Mr Benjamin spoke at length with the recipients and their parents and encouraged them to excel in studies.


Around 70 people attended the function. Snacks were distributed to all the participants in the function.


The function has been widely covered in the local media. Two local TV channels telecasted the function all over Guntur district. News papers carried news items about the function.