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With the inspiration of Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar, Friends for Education International (FFEI) started as Ambedkar Scholarships in 2003 with just 2 scholarships of Rs.5,000 each to encourage students from Dalit (or untouchable)  communities who passed tenth standard with highest percentage of marks in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh,  India. As more right thinking people joined hands, its activities are extended to several areas such as Microloans, Awards, Libraries, Dalit History Project, Help to Caste Attrocity victims, Individual educational help, Help to women to improve their living conditions etc. Subsequently in order to consolidate all these activities into one, Ambedkar Scholarships is renamed as Friends for Education International in 2009 and registered as 501(c)(3) organization in United States.

FFEI identifies organizations catering to the needs of the underprivileged people and help them to help the individuals under their care. Now, FFEI operates in several states of India.

Execution of any project through FFEI depends on the availability of funds to that project in that year. Donors can choose for what purpose their donation can be used and their request will be honored.

FFEI runs as transparent as possible since its inception. It publishes donations, expenses, disbursements, and recipients’ information on its website as minutely as possible. Its over head costs are just under 2% all these years. FFEI doesn't have any paid personnel.

FFEI also encourages its donors or anyone else to go and visit its projects in India whenever they can to get first hand information.

Currently FFEI depends solely on individual donations. FFEI is hard pressed to cut its activities as donations received are not enough to meet all its obligations. It is actively seeking help from organizations and foundations. We appreciate any donation- small, large, cash, or kind. We appreciate if you introduce us to other interested individuals and/or organizations.

Please explore our website to understand the cause and how we are trying to address it in our own small and limited way.

If you want to know more about the condition of these marginalized communities of India or FFEI's activities, please write to

We are always your questions, suggestions, and/or recommendations.
 Ambedkar Scholarships in media
Article from OUTLOOK(Sept 4 2006)  Others   2007 Microloans
Indian magazine carried an article "To Learn with Dignity" on Benjamin P Kaila and Ambedkar Scholarships. Please read it here.
Article from Tehelka (Mar 14 2009)  from Web
Article from French Magazine (Courrier International)
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Letter from a 2005 scholar  Read letter from a scholar.
Letter from a 2008 donor An inspiring letter from a donor  (journalist student) who came to know about our project through his sister. I spoke to him and found him very dedicated and concerned about the plight of Dalits in India. We need many of them.
Microloans:   Read project visit report
Our "Ambedkar Microloans" is very small but a successful project. We are planning to distribute more microloans in a few weeks time. If you have a desire to help us, please write to me at Loans are given at 12% rate to start small businesses such as vending vegetables, small grocery shops, tea stalls, to buy pulling carts, and buffalos mostly to the Dalits (untouchables) and other marginalized sections of India. Recovery is 100% so far.
Our project is visited by a representative of an NGO and filed a report with his organization. Please read it to understand how we are doing.
Awards:  Baby Kamble,Maharashtra  - working on modalities
In 2007, we declared an award to Ms Baby Kamble, Maharashtra for her book "The Prisons We Broke". We have received about Rs.55,000 in donations. We are currently working on modalities  to hand over the award.
Request for help - can you help?
On regular basis, we get lots of requests for help of various forms and measures. We post them here. If any donors approach us, we collect donations and hand over the money to the requesters. Please click here for current requests.
A Dalit medical student lost his certificates in house fire.
Dalits lost everything in fire and looking for any small help.