2007 Scholarship function (Apr 27,08)
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(All donations together) - Transparency  is our motto and we publish every donation we receive at our website. Please check the donations we received in 2007 under each project we undertook.
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Indian magazine carried an article "To Learn with Dignity" on Benjamin P Kaila and Ambedkar Scholarships. Please read it here.
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Letter from a 2005 scholar  Read letter from a scholar.
Letter from a 2008 donor An inspiring letter from a donor  (journalist student) who came to know about our project through his sister. I spoke to him and found him very dedicated and concerned about the plight of Dalits in India. We need many of them.
2007 Updates
Scholarships Function  AP  UP  TN
On April 27, 2007 we distributed a total of 103 scholarships apart from other aid. Each scholarships consists of Rs.5,000 (USD 125), a biography of Dr Ambedkar, and a certificate of achievement.  This year we gave 10 scholarships in Tamilnadu and 10 in Uttar Pradesh.
May 17, 08 Function  Media Rep.  2006   2007   Beneficiaries
On May 17, 2008 we distributed 22 microloans ranging from Rs.3,000 to Rs.7,000 in Veluru, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. These are 12% annual rate loans distributed to start small businesses such as vending vegitable, small grocery shops, tea stalls, to buy pulling carts etc. The recovery is 100% so far.
Awards:   Khabhar Lahariya,UP  Baby Kamble,Maharashtra 
We declared small monetary awards in 2007 when we hear their stories  from Indian newspapers or websites and approch our donor community for help. The contributions will be sent to the awardees through our social network in India. The awardees for 2007 are Ms Baby Kamble of Maharashtra for her book "The Prisons We Broke" and "Khabhar Lahariya", a small grossroot level newspaper being run by Dalit women of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Dalit Victim: Ms Chithralekha, Kerala
Individual Help: Nursing  Computer-donation
We have given individul student help to a few students in 2007, one of which is presenting a computer to 3 engineering students who share it together in their course work.
Request for help - can you help?
On regular basis, we get lots of requests for help of various forms and measures. We post them here. If any donors approach us, we collect donations and hand over the money to the requesters. Please click here for current requests.
A Dalit medical student lost his certificates in house fire.
Dalits lost everything in fire and looking for any small help.