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Update on Little Girl's fund (disbursed - May 25 2007)
A little girl of 5 years was raped and dumped behind a temple in an UP village. Learning from media reports, we appealed for help. Rs.50,000 we received in donations was deposited in her name in an Indian bank.                                                                                                      
Tamilnadu Scholarships (disbursed- April 11, 2007)
A few scholarships are given to children from scavenging families in Tamilnadu.
Coaching orientation at Nagpur  (June 10, 2007)
We have started a free coaching for IIM bound SC/ST/OBC stduents with the help of a reputed coaching institute with branches all over India. A coaching which may cost Rs.20-25K is free for the students sponsored by AS. Our first bacth started in Nagpur.
Update on Bant Singh's funds (disbursed - June 15, 2007)
A self-respected manual laboror belongs to Dalit caste from Mansa, Punjab was attached to teach him (and his likes) for fighting legal battle for the rape of his minor daughter by powerful lanlords. In the attack, he lost his both hands and a leg. An appeal to help him yield little over Rs.200,000. We deposited the amount in Bank in his name.